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Occusal Problems

Specialist advice is available at Hodsoll House for patients complaining of occlusal, muscular and temporo-mandibular problems and tooth wear. Where possible a diagnosis and a plan of treatment will be proposed to the patient and referring practitioner. We know that many patients grind their teeth and this can produce a variety of clinical problems. The reasons for these problems are often complex and need to be carefully investigated. For patients with long term chronic conditions it is very important to make sure that all possible dental causes are explored and ruled out. Some cases will require complex imaging; mounted study casts on a Denar articulator and the construction of a Michigan hard acrylic occlusal splint. Peter favours a multi-team approach, where appropriate, to best help these patients.

The occlusal aspects of worn teeth can be restored with a variety of methods and materials. Inter-occlusal space can be created conventionally, by axial tooth movement (Dahl Concept) or as part of a treatment plan that increases the overall vertical dimension.


    Patients are referred by their general dental practitioners, hospital colleagues, or their friends/family for specialist advice or treatment.


    Implants are specially made posts that replace the roots of teeth that are missing and are used to support a new crown, fixed bridge or denture.


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