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Composite Restorations

Composite is a tooth coloured material which can be predictably bonded to enamel and dentine. It is particularly useful for the repair of worn and damage anterior teeth. It can also be used as a filling material for posterior teeth in appropriate clinical situations. Peter was one of the first clinicians to advocate the use of composite filling to restore worn teeth in combination with the Dahl concept. This type of treatment has been very successful in creating space for definitive restorations but keeping the risk of endodontic problems and loss of unnecessary natural tooth material to a minimum.


    Patients are referred by their general dental practitioners, hospital colleagues, or their friends/family for specialist advice or treatment.


    Parafunctional and erosive tooth wear is one of the most common dental problems for the ageing population. Erosive tooth wear is also a problem for many younger patients.


    Read the feedback we have received from some of our patients and the dentists who refer them.