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Case 1:

Veneers – to disguise periodontal recession and poor tooth alignment

Patient successfully treated for chronic localised periodontitis. Unfortunately the treatment resulted in the recession of healthy periodontal tissue between her UR21. The UR1 and UL1 were also proclined and restored with stained composite resin restorations. A careful diagnostic wax up and ‘dummy’ trial composite build-up confirmed that it would be possible to improve the appearance, colour, position and regularity of the maxillary anterior teeth with ceramic veneers.

Case 2:

Veneer replacement of failing stained composite resin restorations

Patient referred to Hodsoll House by her dental surgeon for the treatment of discoloured composites that had been placed to restore incisor teeth damaged by tooth wear. Teeth had been restored and subsequently repaired with composite resin on several occasions. Discolouration and chipping had proved to be a common feature with these restorations. The patient and dentist were looking for enhanced predictability and aesthetics. Discussion was undertaken with patient regarding the most sensible treatment options. These included an attempt at ‘specialist’ re-build up with composite resin of the anterior incisor teeth.

The main advantage of this treatment option is the conservative nature of resin-bonding and reparability. The disadvantage is the unknown, with regard to future discolouration and chipping. The patient, having experienced the advantages and disadvantages of direct resin bonding, on this occasion requested resin bonded porcelain veneers. The veneers were cemented with the latest version of Nexus (in combination with use of hydrofluoric acid and Silane).

At review the restorations were noted to be performing satisfactorily with no evidence of any major staining or fracture.


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