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Tooth Wear

Case 1:

A 45 year old male was referred by his general dental practitioner. He was unhappy with the appearance of his upper anterior teeth (colour / irregularity),and he was also keen to preserve the teeth long-term. The tooth wear was mostly localised to his upper and lower anterior teeth. His history and examination revealed that his tooth wear was mostly related to acid erosion (diet). He filled-out a diet sheet and was placed on a neutral pH Fluoride mouth rinse and re-assessed. Treatment options included:

  1. continue to watch and monitor, following dietary advice and advice on fluoride mouth rinse
  2. bleaching to improve dentine colour of particularly the lower anterior teeth
  3. bleaching followed by Dahl Concept composite build ups to both protect the teeth from further tooth wear and improve the ‘look’ of the worn teeth

The patient requested bleaching followed by composite resin buildups

Case 2:

Patient aged 74years.  Dental practitioner had attempted composite build ups of worn LR321 LL123 on several occasions. Unfortunately they chipped and fractured on a regular basis. Diagnosis of multi-aetiological tooth wear and loss of posterior teeth in LRQ.  Following discussion with the patient it was agreed to place full coverage adhesive ceramic restorations on LR321 & LL1 and adhesive ceramic hats on LL23.  This was in combination with the construction of a removable cobalt chrome denture to replace the missing posterior teeth. The restorations have remained predictable. Patient is now being reviewed by her general dental practitioner.


    Patients are referred by their general dental practitioners, hospital colleagues, or their friends/family for specialist advice or treatment.


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