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Dental Implants

Case 1:

Immediate Single Stage Implant to replace upper right 1 (with delayed loading)

32 year old male referred to Hodsoll House for a restorative opinion and treatment. Patient sustained a traumatic injury to UR1 with vertical crown root fracture and was unsaveable. Tooth extracted and immediate implant placed. Short healing abutment attached to implant. The space was then disguised with an intermediate resin-bonded bridge which was in-situ for three months. The implant was then restored with a tooth-coloured Zirconium abutment and an all-ceramic crown. Other options discussed with the patient included: long term resin-bonded bridge, conventional bridge or single tooth denture. The advantage of this treatment was that the patient did not need to wear a denture and the implant was protected from loading by the resin bonded bridge.

Case 2:

Two Stage Implant replacement of UL1 following trauma. UL2 reshaped with ceramic veneer

Young female referred to Hodsoll House by dental surgeon following loss of UL1 as a result of trauma. Patient also concerned about shape of her UL2. Options discussed included: single tooth denture, cantilever resin bonded bridge, conventional bridge and single tooth implant and ceramic veneer UL2. Patient wished for a single tooth implant. She wanted long term predictability and for the restoration of the UL1 space not to affect her remaining teeth.

The implant was surgically placed under local anaesthesia. The space was disguised with a small denture during the integration period. The implant was uncovered at three months and a healing abutment fitted. Following impressions, an implant crown and abutment were fitted onto the implant and a ceramic veneer provided for the UL2.

Case 3:

Implant Anterior Bridge – Loss of 4 anterior teeth due to trauma

29 year old female patient referred for Restorative & Implant specialist opinion to Hodsoll House following loss of 4 upper incisor teeth 9 months previously in road traffic accident. Dental practitioner constructed maxillary acrylic tooth/mucosa supported partial denture with acrylic flange to restore anterior teeth and disguise the loss of hard and soft tissue. Careful realistic discussion with patient revealed two long-term treatment options. Firstly a well-made tooth supported Kennedy 4 maxillary cobalt chromium partial denture. Secondly bone grafting (from body of mandible) to reduce vertical and buccal defect where bone lost at time of accident. Careful assessment was needed of lip line and lip support. The patient was aware that an implant bridge was planned to allow incorporation of pink ceramic between the future implant teeth to offset the loss gingival anatomy caused by the trauma. Patient delighted with ‘fixed’ implant restoration and able to use blue Tepe brushes between implants.


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