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Fee Guide


2018 Professional Fees

These fees are intended to provide a general guide on the cost of consultations and specialist treatment provided at our practice.

A detailed treatment plan and estimate will be sent to each patient following their initial consultation with Dr Eliyas.

Restorative Treatment

Initial consultation  (2-4 teeth)                                                                                 £120 – 250

Complex restorative consultation (full mouth assessment)                                £400

(This will include a 1 hour examination appointment, detailed report on present

condition following clinical and radiographic assessment, advice on future

treatment options, and the potential costs involved)

Radiographs                                                                                                                 £15 / X-ray


Periodontal Therapy

Initial specialist periodontal consultation                                                            £400

(This will include a 1 hour examination appointment which will include a

detailed examination of periodontal tissues and existing restorations,

and initial oral hygiene advice. A detailed report on the patient’s

periodontal and restorative status will then be prepared and advice on

future treatment options,  and the potential costs involved).

Radiographs                                                                                                                 £15 / X-ray


Specialist periodontal treatment                                                                            £250 / hour

(This will include detailed focussed oral hygiene advice at every visit,

supportive non-surgical root surface debridement (RSD) under local

anaesthetic where necessary, adjustment to restorations if negatively

impacting on periodontal health, reassessment of the response of the

patient’s periodontal tissues to initial advice and RSD (based on detailed

pocket charting, bleeding and plaque scores).


Endodontic Therapy

Consultation    (30-45mins)                                                                                      £120-150

Investigation / Emergency appointment                                                               £350 / hour

Root canal treatment

Incisor / Canine                                                                                                           £500 – 700

Lower Premolar                                                                                                           £600 – 750

Upper premolar                                                                                                           £650 – 800

Molar                                                                                                                              £800 – 950


Implant supported restorations

Implant supported crowns      per unit (+/- adhesive bridge)                           £3000-4000

(Surgical phase of treatment provided by Consultant in Oral Surgery in

Chislehurst. Treatment planning and restorative phase of treatment

provided at Hodsoll House)


Conventional Restorative Treatment

Crowns                                    per unit                                                                        £700 – 950

Post cores                               per unit                                                                        £200

Porcelain veneers                   per unit                                                                       £700 – 850

Bleaching (per arch)                                                                                                   £250


Appointments available at Hodsoll House :

Dr Eliyas       Monday 9.00 – 5.00pm